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Subdivision Reviews

Minor subdivision (less than 5 lots along an existing public road):

$ 100.00 plus $25.00 per lot

Major subdivision (5 or more lots or any project proposing public roads):

$ 200.00 plus $25.00 per lot. In addition to the previous fees listed, a deposit fee of $1,000.00 will be held in escrow to pay for the following services if incurred by the Borough as noted. Any unused balance will be returned to the applicant, or a balance due and payable to the Borough will be required prior to issuance of any permits.

NOTE: Supplemental and final fees applicable to all applications:

1. Actual costs of advertising of any associated hearing.​

2. Stenographer appearance fee – shared equally by the Borough and the applicant. The cost of the original transcript shall be paid by the Borough if the transcript is ordered by the Borough or shall be paid by the person appealing from the decision of the Borough if such appeal is made. The cost of additional copies shall be paid by the person requesting such copies. In other cases, the party requesting the original transcript shall bear the cost thereof.​

3. All such reasonable legal, engineering and consulting fees associated with the Borough’s review, inspection, re-inspection and evaluation of any and all plans and documents submitted to the Borough in association with any preliminary or final application. In the case of subdivisions and land developments, the application fee and per lot administration fee shall be paid only at the time of preliminary plan application. The applicant shall also pay to the Borough the initial per lot/development review fee at the time of preliminary application. This fee shall be held in escrow by the Borough and shall be used to pay all review costs. Should the costs exceed the initial review fee collected, the applicant shall pay to the Borough all costs in excess of the initial fee collected prior to the Borough granting any approval. Should the review costs be less than the initial fee collected, the balance shall be returned to the applicant.​

4. Any and all county, state, or federal fees or charges to the Borough associated with the application.

Subdivision Permits